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The customer is not charged for three different consignments weighing less than 500gms each. For international shipping, the minimum weight calculation for shipping is 1/2kg even if the customer is buying 1 product weighing less than 1 kg. Amphorae designed for marine transport, taken from shipwrecks of the Bronze Age, on display in the Museum of Underwater Archaeology at Bodrum Castle, Turkey.The museum archaeologists have devised a rack and roping device to illustrate how the cargo might have been kept from shifting.For International buyers, orders are shipped and delivered through reputed/registered international courier companies and/or International speed post only. 1100 400 for every additional 1/2 kg Singapore – Rs.For domestic buyers(within India), orders are shipped through reputed/registered domestic courier companies and /or speed post for remote areas only. 1650 350 for every additional 1/2 kg Mexico – Rs.2600 450 for every additional 1/2 kg Carribean – Rs.2600 450 for every additional 1/2 kg U. 1100 400 for every additional 1/2 kg Bangladesh – Rs.Neck amphorae were commonly used in the early history of ancient Greece, but were gradually replaced by the one-piece type from around the 7th century BC onward.Most were produced with a pointed base to allow upright storage by embedding in soft ground, such as sand.

It is remarkable that even though the Etruscans imported, manufactured, and exported amphorae extensively in their wine industry, and other Greek vase names were Etruscanized, no Etruscan form of the word exists.The necks of pithoi are wide for scooping or bucket access. The size may require two or three handlers to lift.The necks of amphorae are narrow for pouring by a person holding it by the bottom and a handle. For the most part, however, an amphora was tableware, or sat close to the table, was intended to be seen, and was finely decorated as such by master painters.They are occasionally so well preserved that the original content is still present, providing information on foodstuffs and mercantile systems.Amphorae were too cheap and plentiful to return to their origin-point and so, when empty, they were broken up at their destination.

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They are most often ceramic, but examples in metals and other materials have been found.