Are wheesung and gummy still dating

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Are wheesung and gummy still dating

Wheesung (휘성) is a K-R&B singer and songwriter currently under YMC Entertainment. Boat and YG Entertainment label, he left both labels when his contract ended in March 2006 and joined Orange Shock Agency label, although in June 2009 he moved again to Pop Up Entertainment label.His music, at the beginning of his career, was heavily influenced by R&B but pop had become more evident in his music in recent years.On November 7, 2011 Wheesung enlisted for his 2 years mandatory military service.Wheesung was first part of dance-team "ING" when he debuted in 1997. Although there is no sex tape to be found, netizens have gathered pieces of the puzzle to prove that Ivy is a manipulative double timer. The answer lies with the alert netizens who have been digging up the dirt on Ivy.

Supposedly, Wheesung suffered from severe depression when he found out about Ivy’s naughty behavior and had to undergo psychological treatment to get over her. The poor man had even produced and wrote some of the songs on her 2nd album, “A Sweet Moment.” Ah. Such a story out in the public would be very damaging to Ivy’s “wholesome” image.He isn't fluent in English, though his pronunciation is considered to be very good; He usually has 1 or 2 songs sung completely in English in all of his albums.Wheesung has also done a large number of collaborations, as well as writing and composing songs for other artists.Recently, Tablo, Epik High, and PSY joined the company.After 2012, the company took Lee Hi, Akdong Musician, WINNER, i KON, BLACKPINK, Zion.

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