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Ball busting chat

I was watching an argument between a man and a woman when i was real small. and a lady and her husband pointed it out to me, they were into ballbusting much like me and asked if they could have their way with me, I let them, and then me and the lady hit her husbands balls, and we swapped between the two of us every so often, it was amazing!! Another time she told me she would hit my balls if I ate her cookies.

We believe sexual pleasures should be entirely hers, and my junk should be constantly locked and abused. I'm laying down and she's sitting on my stomach and I did something to mess with her and she taps my balls to warn me and I cocky say that doest hurt so...

There seems to be at least one ballbust in EVERY movie ever made.

On top of that, there are SO many stories out there (not sure which are true, but they're still amazing! that there's this one area of our testicles that's way more delicate then the rest if the testicle.

He grabbed himself and i said it got you didn't it? And I told her if she touched my balls I'd punch her in the face. One of my brothers was a few years older than me (I was about 7) and this boy kept bullying him.

My brother got tired of it and tried to fight him, but this kid was bigger and a good fighter.

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