Business consolidating loans

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The loan is used to pay off your debts, then you pay off the new consolidation loan rather than dividing your payments to your creditors.

You may be able to take out a debt consolidation on your own using the a home equity loan or a debt consolidation loan from a bank.

After consolidating your debt, you may feel like your debt burden has lifted.

However, it's important to remember that you still have the same amount of debt as before.

Thank you for considering American Express Business Loans.

Many people who consolidate their debt often end up back into debt within a short period of time after consolidating.Consolidating with a home equity loan can be risky since your unsecured debt comes secured by your home.If you can't afford the payments, your home could be foreclosed.This can help eliminate missed or late payments and ensure that you’re addressing all your debts.Debt consolidation loans can be a great option, not only because it streamlines monthly payments, but also because, in many situations, you may get a reduced interest rate and lower total monthly payment.

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