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The Secret simply doesn't work -- and for very good reason.

God wasn't foolish enough to create a world blindly responsive to human cravings.

But the danger of Byrne's philosophy goes far beyond offering people a false panacea.

We ought to worry not so much for those who find out that "the law of attraction" doesn't really attract but for those who end up being held responsible for misfortunes for which they were totally blameless.

So The Secret is a failure first as a practical matter.The Byrne "Secret" says, "We teach you to keep saying it the way you want it to be and if you keep saying it the way you want it to be the universe will line up and give you exactly what you've said you wanted." And the Jewish not-so-secret secret reminds us, wouldn't that be truly tragic?Should every person's dream for millions really come true?Let's make clear at the outset that The Secret could never have found the slightest acceptance if it weren't based on a measure of truth.A lie needs at least a little legitimacy to gain credibility. Hope fills us with conviction that our dreams are attainable. If it is not a magnet, it is at the least a supreme motivator.

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Rabbi Benjamin Blech, a frequent contributor to Aish, is a Professor of Talmud at Yeshiva University and an internationally recognized educator, religious leader, and lecturer.