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Dating daegu

Accompanying this romantic atmosphere are dozens of cute cafés, restaurants and stores lining the alley on one side, giving you plenty of chances to sit down with a warm cup of cocoa on a cold night, buying something cute for your date or grab a bite to eat while slowly strolling down the alley.

At night, the soft lighting gives the alley an amazingly intimate feel, and it's no wonder you hardly need to try to spot dozens of young couples holding hands and taking pictures with the romantic murals painted on the walls surrounding the street.

Moreover, to add a touch of class to an already classy evening, there is one incredibly comfy bar called 드보크 (Dvoke) located in one of the alley's side streets where you can end your date in style.

Amidst the rustic interior stands a small stage that is used for jazz and acoustic performances on the weekends, making it a perfect place to have a drink and drown in the romantic atmosphere after a day of walking around outside.

Dalseong Park features large swaths of grass perfect for having a picnic in the summer or viewing the changing colors of the leaves in the fall and numerous paths to peacefully walk hand in hand with your sweetheart while taking in the sights.

Aside from the park's natural beauty, it also sports a small (and completely free) zoo featuring elephants, tigers, bears, lions and other exotic animals.

I also agree to report suspected exploitation of minors and/or human trafficking to the appropriate authorities.

Also I like drink is sometimes, smoke the shisha,swimming and take the many nice photos.

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The entire park is covered in lovely and creative lighting that gives it a completely different feeling than it has during the day.

It feels less like an amusement park and more like..oh, I don’t know.ultimate dating location?

A romantic cable car ride that shows you all of the park's luminous glory will take you up to the base of 83 Tower, from where you can bask in the beauty of the impressive Daegu skyline, made even more beautiful by all the dancing little lights on the roads below.

If you're feeling especially adventurous you might even go all the way up the tower to get an even more amazing view from the observation deck, or have a bite to eat at the classy Ashley's restaurant located inside the tower.

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