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This guy gave me a monthly allowance that paid my rent. Of course this old guy can get a 25 year old because he can throw a couple of hundred euros at her.

That wasn’t the whole reason – I kind of found the concept exciting, but mostly I was just desperate for money.Seeking Arrangement, for example, has the ‘Sugar Baby University’: a ranking that lists which universities have the most sugar babies signed up to the site.The company offers free premium memberships to those who sign up with a student email address, and directly positions itself as an alternative to traditional student grants and academic funding.Our Observer is a former ‘sugar baby’, who explained why the ‘sugaring’ lifestyle might appeal to students. This poster is indeed on display outside the university," wrote François Dubuisson as he posted the photo of the controversial advert, which was towed around university campuses in the Belgian capital, Brussels, this week."Not only does it reach the heights of crass sexism, but it champions student prostitution," he added.

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I ended up keeping the physical description honest, but shaving five years off my age to attract the kind of guys who populate the site (physically, I can pass for five years younger).

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