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I think this might be why it gets irritated from rubbing against my clothing.

I've also noticed more discharge than usual from my penis.

Wearing boxers and walking (or any kind of movement really) aggravates it as I think my underwear ends up rubbing the tip of my penis.

So I have switched completely to using tight underwear and stopped doing aerobic exercise.

But I do notice that when I'm tired and have had a late night, the condition worsens which leads me to believe it's tied to the strength of my immune system. I'd really appreciate any ideas on what might be causing this or what I could do in terms of treatment or other tests.

Are there other STDs or STIs which could be the culprit that I haven't been tested for?

I also had two urine tests and both came out normal.

The dermatologist I saw first in February recommended soaking my penis in a warm mixture of water and sodium bicarbonate twice a day. The urologist I saw in March prescribed a cream that contains Gentamicin, Betamethasone, & Miconazole, which is supposed to clear up any irritation caused by a yeast or fungus infection.

Seems to work better than the previous cream, the sensation disappeared almost instantly.

I'm not sure if it's precum but basically, it's clear, has no scent, and a has the consistency of mucas and I've noticed more than usual when checking my underwear at the end of the day.

The last thing that's different is that after I pee, I notice that there's a a little extra drip than usual, even after I clean up with toilet paper, the tip of my penis is moist.

It comes and goes in intensity but at its worst moments, it's very pink and burns slightly when I pee just at the tip of the urethra.

The size of the pursed lips also vary depending on how bad the irritation is and also, along with the redness small bumps come and go.

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It looked as if there were two pursed lips instead of a straight slit like before. In February, about two months later from my encounter with the sex worker and a few weeks after I stopped having regular sex in January, some real irritation started.