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She becomes convinced that Tsukuru must track down his old group to try to answer the question that has haunted him all these years, creating a hole inside of him: Why did they suddenly turn on him?Tsukuru searches out his old friends, and as the truth reveals itself, he must confront the simmering emotional undercurrents that the group had suppressed in order to reach their ideal of perfect friendship - and in order to find himself.Now at 35, Tsukuru's girlfriend Sara suggests he goes to talk to these high school friends in person to mend the relationships.Tsukuru visited his friends in Nagoya and Finland one by one, and uncovers the real reason as to why their relations were broken off.23, 2017, photo, workers prepare a display before the start of the sale of Haruki Mrakami's new book in Osaka, western Japan.

(Kazuhiko Yamashita/Kyodo News via AP) People buy copies of the new book written by Haruki Murakami at a book store in Tokyo shortly after midnight, Friday, Feb. Murakami's new book "Kishidancho Goroshi," or "Killing Commendatore," is a two-part story about a 36-year-old portrait painter and the mysterious incidents that happen after his wife divorces him and he moves into an old house on a mountainside west of Tokyo.Toru Watanabe, approaching middle age, hears The Beatles song "Norwegian Wood" in an airplane and, with Proustian vividness, it transports him back to his student days in Japan with Naoko, Midori, and Storm Trooper.Information is everything in Hard-Boiled Wonderland. A specialist encrypter is attacked by thugs with orders from an unknown source, is chased by invisible predators, and dates an insatiably hungry librarian who never puts on weight.The book launch coincides with "Premium Friday" government initiative to encourage office workers to leave early for a longer weekend.Unfortunately, fans in Japan's northern main island of Hokkaido would have to wait until Saturday to get their books because a freight train carrying the shipment had an accident, Shinchosha said.

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About the Author Haruki Murakami was born in Kyoto in 1949 and now lives near Tokyo.