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Single mindedness means

Their people overseas report a high degree of job satisfaction and back that up with strong performance.

For as long as companies have been sending people abroad, many have been doing so for the wrong reasons—that is, for reasons that make little long-term business sense.That’s a turnover rate double that of managers who did not go abroad.If getting the most out of your expats is so important, why do so many companies get it so wrong?plan to increase the number they have on assignment. On average, expatriates cost two to three times what they would in an equivalent position back home.A fully loaded expatriate package including benefits and cost-of-living adjustments costs anywhere from 1 million annually, probably the single largest expenditure most companies make on any one individual except for the CEO.

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Companies that manage expats wisely do not assume that people who have succeeded at home will repeat that success abroad.

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