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It only touches the Profile Database, which is part of the SSP, so it requires you to be importing profiles through the SSP to populate this database, because that’s where all the information comes from.The profile import pulls data from Active Directory, so it’s like connecting to AD, but not directly.Populate this list with 3 known users (Fig 3) and be sure to use their exact username (i.e. Create Data Connections – Get User Profile By Name web service, Auto Filename library Submit, and User Name list Receive Create 3 data connections (Fig 4) starting with the Get User Profile By Name web method from the first part of Itay’s blog entry.Configure all fields and buttons – default values and rules There is a lot of work to do here, so bear with me.We’re combining all of the concepts, so you can either pick out what you need or build it all for practice, and then apply bits and pieces where applicable on your existing and future forms.The element names should be self-explanatory, so I’ll just use a screenshot to show you what should be built in the main data source (Fig 1) Create layout table showing data groupings In reality, you won’t end up showing most of these fields on the canvas of your forms, but they are showing here for testing and demonstration purposes.This is the key to getting information other than the current user’s!web service, which returns a data set of profile info that is used to populate three other fields of information about the current user – Work Email, Preferred Name, and Manager.

is because using a default value makes the data populate once and stay the same during subsequent edits.

Itay Shakury made this wonderful blog post over two years ago that told us how to Get the current user without writing code.

That blog post is so popular that Itay is still answering questions as recently as TODAY (June 20th, 2009).

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

In terms of free, out-of-the-box functions, I consider the User Profile Service to be the most powerful thing that can be used in Share Point-based Info Path forms.

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This example is just illustrating how you can use a button to populate such info.