Updating startup caches

Posted by / 11-Aug-2017 15:54

If you have a short toolbox path, there is less benefit to using the cache, but it does still provide a time savings.

If you run MATLAB on a local disk, where your files are not served from a remote system, then the cache may provide no noticeable reduction in startup time.

When your cache is marked invalid, MATLAB ceases to use cache during startup, loading path information by accessing the directories through the file system instead.

MATLAB issues a message at startup to warn you that your toolbox path cache is out-dated and is being ignored.

This occurs if the cache has not been kept up to date with changes in the toolbox directories.

If do you use the toolbox area for this purpose and neglect to regenerate the cache afterwards, MATLAB will use an inaccurate record of your toolbox directories in subsequent MATLAB sessions.

Note: To recover the saved places you deleted, open the "myplaces.repairtoolbackup.kml" file.

On Windows, either Direct X or Open GL is used to display 3D images in Google Earth.

The toolbox path cache stores search path information on all toolbox directories under the MATLAB root directory.

During startup, MATLAB obtains this information from the cache rather than by reading it from the remote file system.

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This section explains when you need to update your toolbox path cache and how to avoid problems caused by an out-dated cache file.